Embarking on a Trinity Diploma qualification is a big decision – for your career and your pocket.  You need to be sure you are in capable, experienced and qualified hands. 

I have over twenty years experience with the Trinity and LAMDA syllabi, having tutored and prepared hundreds of students for exams from entry level to diploma, with a 100% pass rate and 80% of those at Distinction level. I take this part of my professional coaching practice very seriously as I understand the importance in an actor's development and validation in the profession.  From years of experience, I also appreciate the sacrifices actors make to gain recognised industry qualifications outside the traditional drama school route.

Collette Murray Projects has a number of professional industry actors and practitioners who are undertaking Trinity Diplomas at levels 4 and 6 over the next year. 

There are three levels of Diploma in a variety of subject specialisms:

  • Associate (ATCL) - level 4
  • Licentiate (LTCL) - level 6
  • Fellowship (FTCL) - level 7

Associate Diploma (ATCL) Level 4

Performance, Musical Theatre or Teaching

A one-unit qualification assessed by performance only. Associate Teaching Diplomas require three units.

Licentiate Diploma (LTCL) Level 6

Performance, Musical Theatre, Teaching

A three-unit qualification. LTCL diplomas are recognised by Ofqual/CEA/ACCAC in Great Britain as teaching qualifications.

Fellowship Diploma (FTCL) Level 7

The syllabus is currently in transition.  Updates will be posted.

Bespoke Trinity Diploma Coaching 

How is it bespoke?

Designed as a combination of my subject expertise, qualifications as a coach and teacher and my career in the performance industry, Collette Murray Projects has a unique Trinity Diploma Coaching model.  

This is not a course. This is not 'one size fits all' - as that approach simply doesn't work in creative development practice.  Instead this is a considered Creative Coaching Plan and Direction, designed with respect for you as an individual learner and a unique actor. 

With this plan in place, you choose as much or as little direction as feel you need or can afford. 

To create your ATCL or LTCL performance programme with you, I guarantee:

  • an individual coaching plan and creative direction for the duration of the course
  • both individual and small group sessions to make economical use of your time and money
  • to use your existing successful acting work as material for a coherent and exciting programme
  • consistent commitment to your success
  • to bring my experience to your preparation

Anyone who coaches or teaches for Collette Murray Projects is qualified to do so and is trained in the coaching methodology. 

Typically, to achieve an ATCL Performance you will commit to four to six hours a week for twelve weeks.  For LTCL, a similar commitment for each of the three modules.  This is made up of a combination of individual sessions and small group practical seminars.

When and where?

September 2017- Feb 2018 - Manchester City Centre studios
Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL)  Performance - one performance module only

September 2017 - Manchester City Centre studios
Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL)  Performance - three modules

September 2017 - Manchester City Centre studios
Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) Performance Teaching - three modules

How much?

The total fee is made up of two parts:

  • Coaching, Direction and Assessment Preparation
  • Assessment Fee - the exact amount charged by Trinity - with no added admin fee

Opening Offer

As I feel strongly about the correct and proper execution of Trinity Diploma coaching, as an opening offer for September 2017 I guarantee to match any like offer you have had from another provider.

Please get in touch for fees and payment programmes...  

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